Thursday, November 24, 2005

MMM Old Rasputin

So my dad picked up some beers for Thanksgiving.

One was absolutely excellent .. the others were mediocre/old/not so good ...

First I went to Rookies and tried some of the Shipyard Prelude Ale (ME) ... It was pretty yummy stuff and a very solid winter ale ... 85 ... My dad would give it an 82

My dad had some Shipyard Old Thumper Special Ale .... Which is one of the better Shipyard brews .. I would give it a 87 and my dad special guest reviewer an 85 ...

The real star of the weekend so far has been Old Rasputin: Russian Imperial Stout from North Coast Brewing in Fort Bragg, CA ... This is one of the yummier beers you will find anywhere.. It is full rich and quite yummy ... It is very strong at 9% alcohol by volume... and very very good ... I would give it a 95 and my dad would rate it similarly ...

Really, really good .. .I also had some Cole Porter by Atlantic Brewing in Bar Harbor, ME yesterdy which was very good but not as rich as the Old Rasputin .. 92

My dad also picked up some DeGroen's beers by the Baltimore Brewing Company in Baltimore, MD. ... I couldn't tell if this variety pack was old or just not very good ... The Marzen tasted not terribly fresh and a little flat .. It was OK but I would expect a lot more from a micro .. 71 ...

I also had some Pils which was quite mediocre today .. 75 ... It was OK and I would drink some more ... I am wondering again if the case was a little old .... Its possible the turnover was not very high in Allentown, PA where I picked the stuff up.

I passed 50,000 words yesterday and am now in the 51,200 range ... The novel is going very, very well.

Thanksgiving was great and I really enjoyed having the family come up, my parents from Allentown, PA and my sister and brother-in-law from Stony Brook, Long Island, NY ...

Its great to spend time with family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

edmund davis-quinn

p.s. In really bizarre news there was an Edmund Davis (no relation) who shot his brother today in Portland, ME ...

This is beyond weird .. I wish the Davis family well for this tragedy on Thansgiving.



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