Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Beware the Beer Snob

I wrote this grading beers at the Great Lost Bear.

Let me know what you think.

Beer Notes:

Great Lost Bear . November, 15, 2005 … 3:30 pm

Trying the Allagash Curieux …

Its very distinctive … very much a Belgian ale … its only available in small glasses .. alcohol is prob in the 7% range … It turns out its closer to the 12% range

Very rich, interesting, disctinive .. It wont appeal to everyone .. 95

Scale is thus: .. from an excerpt of the book No Filter: A Travelogue of Madness …


Tim thanked the gentleman and kept going. He gave the Porter a 90 and the IPA a 92, on the Wine Specatator/Cigar Afficiando scale, 90-95 being excellent, 95-100 superb, 85-89 very good, 80-85 good, 76-80 above average, 70-75 average, 65-69 fair, 61-65 not good, under 60 horrible…. He didn’t think there would be too much under the 80 range today… for Tim a bud might be a 72, a coors a 76, a Guinness a 92, 95 in Britain, he hoped to find some beers he would be happy to get in the 94+ range, such beers were rare and wonderful.

This is a very different beer.

I am really not sure what food it would meld with. Chocolate and candy would seem a possibility.

You would need a strong taste to balance with it.

Very good though….

Although it is terrible with Chili.

No Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA (Delaware) … The stuff is so yummy.. One of the best IPAs you can find anywhere, rich, hoppy, wonderful .. 96 … One of the best beers I have had in the last year.

Geary’s London Style Porter .. not bad .. nothing spectacular .. 83

Camp Ann Fisherman’s Brew … an amber ale … yummy, nice flavor … the chili might influence this….

Good stuff - 87

Rocky Bay Katie’s Celtic Red Ale --- Also simply yummy … dark for a red ale, with a nice bit of bitterness .. 88

Sheepscot Damriscotta Brown Ale -- 84 -- interesting, cask-conditioned … a little sour …

Feel like I really should be writing my book … perhaps beer and writing don’t get along …

Sheepscot Pemaquid Ale - 86 .. .also yummy … 4 very good beer choices .. all quite yummy very good beers .. .any beer guy would like these …

The winner so far is the extremely distinctive and yummy, Allagash Curieux -- I wasn’t able to get a small sample but the stuff is an absolute knockout … MMMMM

Its no nice to have a beer with 50 taps in the area, where nearly all are quite distinctive.

The Great Lost Bear is a great beer bar, the only one I know possibly better is the Old Bay in New Brunswick, NJ … That is a very different place though and this bar area is much more comfortable… I do think Old Bay has better beers but I do prefer the Delaware Valley Brewers to the Maine ones as a whole ….

Word Count … 491 … none of which are in my book J)

Casco Bay Old Port Winter Ale … too cinnamony … had odd nutmegy tastes … 79 .. wouldn’t go back for this one … oh well …

Magic Hat St. Gootz (Vermont) … pretty yummy … a nice yuletide ale .. lots of spices but much better balance .. 87

Allagash Double Brown … Quite nice … not the knockout of the Curieux … 86 .. A good beer … Quite solid, not the powerhouse of the Grand Cru and the fantastic Curieux …
Mmmm Allagash J)

Tried some great beers today .. .many were quite good …

The only real star was the Allagash Curieux .. although its not available in tasting size it’s a very yummy $4.00 for 2 deciliters … around 8 oz ….



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